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Terms and Conditions

▪️FIRSTCustomers who cancel 48 hours before the start time of the experience may receive a 100% refund of the amount paid in a period of no more than 15 days. When making a reservation less than 48 hours "before" the start time of the experience, the right to claim the aforementioned and/or the request to change the date will automatically be lost.

▪️FIRST BIS: Reservations are not transferable to third parties or unrelated persons who are not registered in the reservation form.

▪️SECOND: To cancel the experience it is necessary to send an email to To make changes to scheduled appointments, you must inform via email 48 hours before the start time of the original reservation. Changes and availability are subject to space and according to ECOHIKE criteria and itineraries. In the event that the CUSTOMER is not available to attend at the new time or rescheduled date, no refund will be applied.

▪️THIRD: If due to bad weather, environmental contingency or for reasons beyond the responsibility of the ECOHIKE team the experience cannot be carried out, This will be rescheduled as far as possible to the closest date without the client having the option of a refund.

▪️QUARTERParents or guardians are responsible for the actions of minors, their safety and integrity throughout the experience. ECOHIKE is not responsible and disclaims any accident that puts the safety, integrity, health and life of CUSTOMERS at risk throughout the experience.

▪️FOURTH BIS: It is the responsibility of each and every client to go to the meeting point in optimal physical condition to guarantee the proper development of the activity. Clients who present with discomfort, pain or any limiting physical condition will be excluded and will be denied the right to take the tour, with the aim of guaranteeing the health and safety of everyone.

▪️FIFTH: Wait time: The waiting tolerance for arrival at the meeting point is "8 minutes", after that period of time CUSTOMERS who do not show up in a timely manner will automatically lose the right to take the experience and receive any refund.

▪️SIXTH: Clients must commit to values of solidarity, empathy, common sense, safety and willingness towards other participants attending the tour. Clients who interfere with the proper development of the activity within ethical values or notrespect the authority of guiawill be reported to the corresponding authorities under the Civic Law of Culture and Justice of the State of Nayarit.

▪️SIXTH BIS: When making payment and scheduling the experience, the CLIENTE accepts, understands and undertakes to comply with all the aforementioned clauses. 

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