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About Eco Hike

EcoHike offers hiking experiences, interactive and educational in a wonderful context. We are a bridge to connect, appreciate and enjoy the plurality of nature. The landscapes of our routes undoubtedly generate amazement and fascination in all our clients. We are committed to generating beautiful moments and memories for all those adventurers who are willing to travel through the jungle with us.

EcoHike is aimed at all nature lovers, hikers, hikers, families, tourists or people who identify with: gratitude, kindness and the amazement of the sensory experiences of exploring new places, connecting with Mother Nature, going outdoors, exercising and meeting other people.


Our mission is to promote ecotourism, raise people's awareness about the importance of the environment, generate connection and empathy with nature, offer an escape from chaos, stress and be a means of therapy for people's well-being and health. We create unique and fun moments.

We want to instill values in new generations, teach and promote conservation and sustainable use of nature.


Our experiences are original and carried out with a lot of passion and professionalism., clients are our priority, which is why we offer completely safe tours, in wonderful natural contexts, full of wildlife with unique landscapes. Our adventures have affordable prices, excellent quality and attention, where we show people hidden places in Sayulita, secrets of wildlife and the jungle.

The environment and context,Located on the Pacific coast of the state of Nayarit, the magical town of Sayulita offers the perfect combination of sea, beaches, cliffs, mountains and tropical jungle. It is located in one of the most important biospheres in the country, which translates into an extraordinary wealth of flora and fauna. We invite you to explore together and discover all these wonders.


Meet our host

Hi, I'm Alejo. Born in Argentina, I have been traveling America for the last six years looking for new adventures and  opportunities to learn. Through this journey, I have developed the skills and empathy to connect with culture, nature, and people of each region. Through practice and experience, I've acquired the knowledge and tools to be your guide and coordinator. It is my wish that you can fully enjoy the culture and beauty that Sayulita has to offer. I worked as a nature tourism guide in countries such as Argentina, Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico for more than 5 years.

For me it is very important to be a supporter of Ecotourism, to be able to communicate and transmit these values ​​to my guests. One of my passions is to help people connect and empathize with nature. I have dedicated all my time and travels for the sole purpose of learning and falling even more in love with wildlife. I have been offering hiking experiences in Mexico for more than 3 years, during all this time I have been learning a lot about the local flora and fauna.

I have more than (600 5-star reviews) that prove my quality and service.


I am a true nature lover, a Forest Therapy Guide, vegetarian, yogi, reiki therapist and have spent many years in Sayulita learning with biologists and conservation organizations about the wildlife of this region. I believe that everyone should enjoy these types of experiences to expand their minds and hearts. I am very caring and patient when it comes to walking with families, children and seniors, your safety is my priority. My wish is that you can enjoy a beautiful adventure in a magnificent place with the best company and thus renew your appreciation for mother nature.

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